HVAC Maintenance and How It Will Benefit Your Business

Whether you have a retail storefront and regularly interact with customers or your office has minimal client interaction, providing a comfortable environment is key. Commercial HVAC maintenance is the best way to make sure that warm temperatures don’t decrease productivity or reduce sales. What are some of the benefits of investing in regular HVAC maintenance?

Ensure Maximum Energy Efficiency

When any piece of machinery is not properly cared for, efficiency levels will decrease and it will require more energy and resources to get the job done. When you have HVAC maintenance performed by a professional HVAC maintenance company, you can rest assured that your air conditioner and duct system are using energy wisely. Efficient usage of resources also lowers your energy spending over time.

Improve Employee Productivity

Are you more productive or less productive when you are hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable? For most people, the answer to that question is a resounding “no.” HVAC maintenance can catch problems before they are allowed to worsen, which prevents sudden breakdowns that make for hot, uncomfortable days. It also ensures that your system is working properly and delivering cool air to all parts of your business to keep everyone comfortable and productive.

Make Customers Stay Longer

Nobody wants to shop or spend time in a store or other commercial building that is hot and uncomfortable. If your restaurant or business does not have proper cooling or heating, customers will not want to spend very long inside. They might even turn around and walk right back out! An HVAC system that is properly maintained encourages people to stick around and spend money. No business wants a reputation for being uncomfortable and hot.

Avoid Expensive Repairs

There are many different intricate parts in your air conditioner, and a seemingly small issue with one can lead to major problems in others. Performing preventative commercial HVAC maintenance will catch problems before they are allowed to worsen and affect other parts around them. This reduces the cost of repairs and can prevent you from needing to replace your entire system prematurely.

Better Air Quality

While many people are concerned about the quality of the air that they breathe outside, as air pollution and traffic can degrade it, indoor air quality is a growing concern for many. An HVAC system that is not regularly maintained could be recirculating dust, pollutants, and indoor allergens that make employees and customers feel sick. By investing in commercial HVAC maintenance, everyone will be breathing clean, fresh air and able to breathe easily.

Keep Your System Under Warranty

Did you know that most commercial HVAC manufacturers require you to have proof of preventative maintenance if you try to submit a claim under warranty? If you want to ensure that your system remains under warranty for as long as possible, you must have annual maintenance performed.

Help the Environment

When your commercial HVAC system is working properly, it is using the least amount of energy possible and is energy-efficient. A professional HVAC company can maintain your system and help minimize the environmental impact of your business throughout the hottest and coldest parts of the year. If you were interested in investing in a new system that is designed with energy efficiency in mind, they can also walk you through your options for a replacement.

Improved System Lifespan

Finally, commercial HVAC systems typically have a lifespan of up to 20 years providing that you take good care of them. If you have regular maintenance performed, you can ensure that you meet and even exceed that twenty-year mark. Preventative maintenance includes many things, like filter changes, oil changes, and part replacement, that all ensure the unit can function efficiently and without issue now and in the future. A trusted professional HVAC maintenance company, like Hoot Heating & Air, can handle all of your maintenance and repair needs. Contact us today for your no-nonsense quote!