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All Hoot Heating and Air technicians are certified Mitsubishi diamond contractors

At Hoot Heating & Air, we believe that providing you with the best HVAC service is paramount to the comfort of your home. We really do give a hoot! We want you to have the most efficient heating and cooling systems possible. In order to offer the best HVAC services, each of our technicians is a fully certified Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor by Mitsubishi Electric.

What Does It Mean to Be a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor?

Not just any person can reach Diamond Dealer status. To become a certified Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor, you must undergo extensive training to become an expert in Mitsubishi Electric products and services. Training includes a two-day, eight-hour course and annual follow-up training.

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Are you looking for a heating and cooling solution for your unique needs? Ductless Heating and Cooling with Mitsubishi Electric allows you to enjoy more precise comfort and healthier air in all rooms of your home while saving on costs and contributing to a greener planet. The experts at Hoot Heating and Air are ready to help you make the switch!

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Benefits of Going Ductless with Mitsubishi

One of the top benefits of a Mitsubishi Electric Mini-Split System is the greater control you have over your home’s temperature. Want your bedroom to be at a constant 68°F to improve your sleep while your living room is at a comfortable 73°F? You got it!

Why else should you consider going ductless with Mitsubishi?

  1. Save Space
  2. Improve Efficiency
  3. Improve Air Quality
  4. Save Money
  5. Go Green 
Mitsubishi Electric ductless air systems run on clean energy and produce less waste – such as the waste generated through multiple filter changes. This means, our units have a smaller overall impact on the environment.

Mitsubishi Flexible Financing Options Available.* 

Based on credit approval.* 

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