Springtime Air Conditioning Maintenance: A Must-Do Guide

┬áIt’s time to go from the heat to the air conditioning. Your HVAC system must be ready for the new season and warmer weather.

You can take several steps to prepare your HVAC system for the warmer months. The extended daylight hours should motivate you to clear the area around your air conditioning compressor.

Continue reading for practical, do-it-yourself advice on preparing your HVAC system for spring. For expert help, call our air conditioning specialists right now.

Upgrade Your AC Filter

The air filter captures indoor contaminants such as dust, pollen, and mold. It fills up to capacity about every three months, so if you have not changed yours in the previous season, you will need to do so now.

Upgrading your filter is one of the most economical methods of maintaining your house’s heating and air conditioning system. A better-grade filter captures more particles, such as dust, pet dander, and pollen. Although they could be more expensive, they will keep your family more comfortable and your indoor air cleaner.

Clogged filters prevent airflow from passing through the system, making your air conditioner work harder to keep you cool. By replacing HVAC air filters, you can preserve the indoor air quality in your system and keep it operating at maximum performance. Because air filters are meant to be changed by the user, scheduling an appointment with an HVAC expert is unnecessary.

Test and Upgrade the Thermostat

Take some time to test your thermostat and troubleshoot it if necessary. When testing, adjust the thermostat’s output by a few degrees while running to see if it changed its output. If it doesn’t respond, try resetting your thermostat by removing the batteries, putting them back in, and repeating the test.

If the HVAC system is still not responding, follow the troubleshooting steps in the user manual for your HVAC system. Installing a programmable thermostat could be a smart option if you don’t already have one. A programmable thermostat makes controlling the temperature in your house simpler. It also has several advantages, including its ability to track the temperature even when no one is home.

Check The Condition of Air Ducts

. Your air conditioning unit depends on your air ducts, and spring is the ideal season for expert duct cleaning. Hire a heating and air conditioning firm to remove all the mold, dust, and allergies from them.

Dust and debris buildup in the ductwork may reduce HVAC system efficiency. Additionally, you could find that the ductwork has leaking joints or fractures. If not repaired, it may spread throughout your residence, in which case allergies would strike everyone there. Conduct a duct cleaning at least once every three to five years.

Check For Air Leaks

You may also examine the connections to determine whether air escapes the ducts. Verify that the insulation surrounding the ducting is sound and complete.

While completing your springtime repairs, look for leaky locations, such as the weatherstripping surrounding your windows, doors, and door jamb. This may contribute to cooling losses. Ensure your home’s whole envelope is sealed to prevent any parts from experiencing high or low temperatures. By doing this, you lessen the strain on your system and improve the comfort of your house all year round.

Schedule a Service Appointment

By performing preventative maintenance, you may avoid uncomfortable situations when your system breaks down throughout the season. Give us a call at 410-658-6564 to book an appointment for maintenance. We will prepare your system for the spring and summer cooling season by performing all required maintenance, system inspections, and repairs if needed.